Science of Behavior Change, Reading List

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Reading list before each lecture:

All students registered at KU (including international students) have access to journal subscription through the university library. Here is a guide for students. Note that you are automatically granted access to these journals by being on the university network. That is the case if you are physically on campus and connected through the KU wireless network. You can also get on the network through a VPN (check on UCPH website how to set up the VPN). As long as you are on the VPN (or on campus), google scholar searches will lead you to the journal articles.

Short video (8 min) on “How to Read Empricial Papers”.

We have also prepared a written guide for you, available here.

Part 1

L1: Change for good

L2: Mistakes and Biases

  • Blanco, F. (2017). Cognitive Bias. In J. Vonk, and T.K. Shackelford (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Animal Cognition and Behavior. New York: Springer. 

L3: Self-control problems

L4: Regulation, Information and Incentives

L5: Behavioral Insights and L6: Presentations and feedback (Tools)

L7: Randomized Evaluations 1, L8: Randomized Evaluations 2 and L9: Presentations

Part 2:

A1: Environment

A2: Health

A3: Dishonesty

A4: Education

A5: Work

A6: Charitable Giving

A7: Saving

 A8: Voting

A9: Development

A20: Discrimination


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