A2: Health

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Please now answer Assignment 1 based on the reading for this lecture.

Deadline: Wednesday, September 2 at 15:15.

Suggested answers available here after the deadline.

Please connect to my Zoom (link in Absalon) on Wednesday, September 9 at 15:15.

We will discuss about the syllabus and the course organization (lectures, assignments, group work, etc.). It is also a great opportunity to ask questions and get some answers.


Remember we have a Zoom Etiquette, see video below.


Summary for this lecture:

  • After some methodological lectures (Part 1) we will see real-life examples where behavioral economics can be applied (Part 2).
  • Group work and active participation to teaching activities are essential for this (online) course.
  • Defaults and implementation intentions are two of the behavioral tools we will learn to use.

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