About this Almanack

In this Almanack you will find a collection of commentaries, personal reflections, summaries and links to articles, videos and books that I found useful and inspiring. This effort is inspired by Poor Charlie’s Almanack written by Charlie Munger in 2005.

I hope this Almanack will be useful to everyone. But, I am collecting this material mainly for myself and my family and friends.

The material will cover the following topics (the list is preliminary)

1) The Science of Living Well

  • Energy (eat, move and sleep)
  • Interactions (givers and takers)
  • Purpose/meaning (why, Ikigai)
  • Idle (In Praise of Idleness, Bertrand Russell)
  • Philosophy (stoicism): amor fati and premortem
  • Daily routines (meditation, reflections and journaling)
  • Health and Ageing
  • Children

2) Understanding the World

  • Natural Sciences (biology, genetics, chemistry)
  • Big History Project (where we come from)
  • Literature (emotions and feelings)
  • Social forces: friends, family and culture
  • Great Thinkers
  • Future (new technology and possibilities)

3) Reasoning

  • Cognitive Biases (Thinking Fast and Slow)
  • Preferences and Personality
  • Decision-making (Behave)
  • Mathematics and Logic
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (robots and algorithms)
  • Creativity
  • Conscience



Dan Ariely – Behavioral Economics and Health

Prof. Dan Ariely (Duke) says: “In the future we are all wonderful people. In reality we are always tempted to misbehave. Temptations are the biggest barriers to health and are in fact killing us.” Ariely explains that goals and objectives don’t matter much: “Being motivated by long-term outcomes that fluctuate over time is not part of the human system. Let’s focus on the small details. Shift the focus from outcome to action.”

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