About this Almanack

In this Almanack you will find a collection of commentaries, personal reflections, summaries and links to articles, videos and books that I found useful and inspiring. This effort is inspired by Poor Charlie’s Almanack written by Charlie Munger in 2005.

I hope this Almanack will be useful to everyone. But, I am collecting this material mainly for myself and my family and friends.

The material will cover the following topics (the list is preliminary)

1) The Science of Living Well

  • Energy (eat, move and sleep)
  • Interactions (givers and takers)
  • Purpose/meaning (why, Ikigai)
  • Idle (In Praise of Idleness, Bertrand Russell)
  • Philosophy (stoicism): amor fati and premortem
  • Daily routines (meditation, reflections and journaling)
  • Health and Ageing
  • Children

2) Understanding the World

  • Natural Sciences (biology, genetics, chemistry)
  • Big History Project (where we come from)
  • Literature (emotions and feelings)
  • Social forces: friends, family and culture
  • Great Thinkers
  • Future (new technology and possibilities)

3) Reasoning

  • Cognitive Biases (Thinking Fast and Slow)
  • Preferences and Personality
  • Decision-making (Behave)
  • Mathematics and Logic
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence (robots and algorithms)
  • Creativity
  • Conscience



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