L9: Presentations and feedback (Randomized Evaluations)

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Introduction of the lecture: text here

In the following video Esther Duflo (Nobel Laureate 2019) recommend economists to think like plumbers, or to pay attention to what happens on the ground and tinker to make policy work. The increasing adoption of “nudges” in public policy demonstrates potential for economics in “design of the tap” issues. A longer video is available here.


Are randomised controlled trials better than others? In this video, Angus Deaton discusses the difficulties of applying the results to actual policies. If you want to know more, you can read this paper or watch this longer video.

Please now answer Assignment 9 based on the reading for this lecture.

Deadline: Friday, October 9, at 13:15.

Suggested answers available here after the deadline.

Please connect to my Zoom (link in Absalon) on Friday, October 9, at 13:15


Group Work: group presentations (go to Activity)

In lecture 9 you have to present the current status of your intervention and get feedback from the entire class and the teacher.

Together with your group, you have to fill the corresponding cell of this Google Spreadsheet. Deadline: before next lecture.

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