A4: Education

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The complexity and inconvenience of the federal financial aid application in the United States may deter many students from applying for the financial support they need to attend college, contributing to the enrollment gap between high- and low-income individuals. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), contains more than 100 detailed questions on topics including earnings, savings, government benefits, parental education attainment, and drug convictions. In the following video, Prof. Eric Bettinger presents an evaluation testing whether assistance could increase the number of applicants filing the FAFSA, ultimately helping more students get a college education.

Please answer the assignment based on the reading for this lecture.
Deadline: Wednesday, November 4 at 15:15.

Please connect to my Zoom (link in Absalon) on Wednesday, November 4 at 15:15.

Group 4 summarizes the three papers you have to read for today. Remeber you have to read all the papers before the lecture and prepare your questions for the group.
I expect an active discussion about each paper: ask all the questions you have (concepts, method, analysis, etc.) and disccuss the implications of these papers.

04 Education

For helping you summarize the material I link a summary of paper 1 (here), of paper 2 (here) and of paper 3 (here). I am also adding a video (below) about grit discussed in paper 3.

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