A8: Voting

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Please answer the assignment based on the reading for this lecture.
Deadline: Wednesday, November 25 at 15:15.

Please connect to my Zoom (link in Absalon) on Wednesday, November 25 at 15:15.

Group 6 summarizes the three papers you have to read for today. Remeber you have to read all the papers before the lecture and prepare your questions for the group.
I expect an active discussion about each paper: ask all the questions you have (concepts, method, analysis, etc.) and disccuss the implications of these papers.

Clara will present “Do you have a voting plan?”. The aim of this paper is to understand whether implementation intentions can help increase voter turnout. The paper focuses on one and multiple eligible voter households.

For the 2nd paper, we will try to see if online networks messages can directly influence political self-expression, information seeking and real-world voting behaviour of millions of people during a presidential election.

For the 3rd paper, we will explain how the study tries to increase voter turnout by helping voters use their self-regulation skills. This is done by testing the effect of a mere-measurement treatment and an implementation-intentions treatment during an election.”

For helping you summarize the material I link a short summary of paper 1 (here) a an article (here) and a video summarizing paper 2 (here)

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