A7: Saving

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Please answer the assignment based on the reading for this lecture.
Deadline: Friday, November 20 at 13:15.

Please connect to my Zoom (link in Absalon) on Friday, November 20 at 13:15.

Group 6 summarizes the three papers you have to read for today. Remeber you have to read all the papers before the lecture and prepare your questions for the group.
I expect an active discussion about each paper: ask all the questions you have (concepts, method, analysis, etc.) and disccuss the implications of these papers.

Böðvar: I will present the paper on the effects of mandated pensions savings and subsidies on saving in Denmark. I will go trough the background, modelling and methodology of the study. To explain the effects of pensions savings mandates I will emphasise figures I, II and IV. For the subsidies I will emphasise figures VII and VIII as well as tables VI and VII. I will talk for a short while on heterogeneous effects across individuals and then end with some implications and conclusions.

Lovi: I will present the paper “Earmarking and Partitioning: Increasing Saving by Low-Income Households”. I will present the setting, the concepts (concepts behind earmarking, visual reminders and dividing) and I will present the authors two interventions that are designed to enhance the effects of earmarking: (1) visual reminders of the savings goal (2) dividing the earmarked money. Furthermore, I will present the results from panel A, panel B, panel C, Panel D and table 1.

Baptiste : I will present the paper : “Save More Tomorrow: Using Behavioral Economics to Increase Employee Saving “. After presenting the concepts of the SMarT plan, I will present the three context in which it has taken place and each results (and mention some of theirs weaknesses, (i.e no control group, small number of cases, intervention still running at the publishment of the paper). Finally, I will present the attempt of the autors to show that the SMarT plan will not make the targets save to much.

For helping you summarize the material I link a to a summary of paper 1 (here), paper 2 (here and here) and paper 3 (here).

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