A10: Discrimination

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Do the reading before this lecture 
My slides for this lecture

Please answer the assignment based on the reading for this lecture.
Deadline: Friday, December 4 at 13:15.

Please connect to my Zoom (link in Absalon) on Friday, December 4 at 13:15.

Group 10 summarizes the three papers you have to read for today. Remeber you have to read all the papers before the lecture and prepare your questions for the group.
I expect an active discussion about each paper: ask all the questions you have (concepts, method, analysis, etc.) and disccuss the implications of these papers.


For helping you summarize the material I link a video discussing paper 1 (here), a video about blind auditions discussed in paper 2 (here), a critique of paper 2 (here) and a related video (here). Finally, a seminar presentation of paper 3 (here).

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