English Communication for Scientists

CommunicationI would like to share this useful link for those of you that are always wondering: What information should you include in the abstract? How can I structure my introduction? What should I include in my oral presentation? What am I supposed to say in a panel discussion?

We all know, that communication is an integral part of our job and a crucial competence for a successful career. However, some of us do not feel prepared for it.

English Communication for Scientists is a brief guide on how to communicate more effectively in English. This guide is organized in six units:

  1. basic communication strategies;
  2. design and draft scientific papers;
  3. e-mail, résumés, and short reports;
  4. structure, support, and deliver oral presentations;
  5. create and present posters, chair sessions, and participate in panels;
  6. prepare, run, and evaluate classroom sessions.

Moreover, this guide provides examples, exercises and activities to improve immediately your communication skills. Very useful for students too!

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