SBC 2020: Challenge

Each group has to work together on the “challenge” that is another opportunity to understand how you should design your answer for the Question 3 of the exam and get feedback from the teachers and your peers.

Compared to the activity in Part 1, where you had the first chance to work on an intervention based on your group’s topic, during this challenge all the groups will focus on the same problem. You will use not only what you learnt in the Part 1 activity but also use ideas from the papers we study during the second part of the course.

This year’s challenge is:

Design a behavioral interventions to eliminate/reduce the spreading of misinformation on social media

Please read this article to get some additional information.

Please carefully read the below instructions:

To successfully complete the challenge, each group must prepare a video (max 2 min). The video should convince the audience you have a good understanding of the specific problem that you try to solve and that hint the intervention that you plan to design to solve that problem. Each group should prepare a 2-page report as a working document to be able to answer all the questions during the lecture. Use the following scheme:

  1. Brief description of context
  2. Behaviorchangedesired
  3. Decision mapping (bottlenecks)
  4. Relevant phenomena, principles and concepts
  5. Description of the intervention
  6. Design, plan for data analysis and predictions

The Challenge Day

  • All videos will be shown to the entire class that will then vote the best 4.
  • Next, these four groups will have 5 minutes each to present their idea more in detail and answer questions from the public. After that, students will vote the 2 best ideas.
  • In the last round of the challenge, the two groups will debate to convince the other students that their intervention is the best. Students can ask questions, criticize or support the ideas presented. Finally, students have the chance to vote again for their favorite team and decide the winner of the challenge.